Preparation Tips for How to get good marks in Inter 2nd year Public exams

Preparation Plan for to get Huge marks to Score in Inter 2nd year Final Public exams in Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.....
A few wants to settle down as Engineers..Some others wants to be Scientists and others who are hungry to grow..for their goals to be reached Inter M.P.C is the first step! It is the highest career high marks to the feet can be passed through. EAMCET, JEE has the weightage for Inter marks in the public examinations so highest marks is needed to achieve success.

Preparation Tips for How to Score More marks in Inter 2nd year Final exams

Senior MPC students should give importance to Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry subjects. Mathematics 150 marks in terms of marks, for physics 60 marks, and 60 marks are allocated to the chemistry. It is not possible to follow the permanent plan as the EAMCET, Inter and JEE exams are almost parallel.

Success comes with strategy: Compared to the first year, second year, is vital. Entrance exams, on the one hand, on the other hand, Inter practical, theory exams will be conducted. Therefore, stress confuses students. Good Time Management, preparation strategies are required to overcome the pressure to follow up a win. Allocate more time for Competitive exams up to the first week of January. Objective criteria from the second week of January, meanwhile for practical, languages, and theory exams need to be planned. Inter marks had weightage of 25% in EAMCET, 40% in the main JEE. Students keep this in mind and must continue their preparation.

Having grip on Basic concepts: With the exception of the time of a student's college education, six hours a day for three hours reserved in Mathematics, Physics hour and a half, hour and a half to chemistry. Entrance examination questions are based on the basic concepts. Notes relating to the basic concept of each topic to be noted in the form of points, so the students wrote in their application to identify a specific problem with the practice.

Don’t leave any chapter: Some students find it difficult to have a perfect planning of time which makes them to leave some of the chapters. However in Maths, Physics, Chemistry it is not advisable to do so because each chapter is linked with its predecessor.

Accuracy and Time is important: In MPC students must give priority to accuracy and time rule to achieve good marks. Senior lecturer asks to take a look at the last year papers and important chapter can be found. Information related to the standard textbooks, lecturer read from notes. Reading of synopsis in each chapter and the students need to have the characteristics to achieve all kinds of problems.

Academy books: Students should be strategic in selection of books. College bound materials develop a deeper understanding of their subjects. Students after completion of the first lighter topics to read through the contents to complete the appropriate forms.

Mathematics: Maths has 2 papers - 75 marks are allocated to the each paper. In question paper, seven long- answer questions will be given. Five of which must answer. Seven short- answer questions will come, five of which must answer. Ten are very short answer questions.

Maths focus on the topics of: 2 - A: Random variables; binomial theorem; theoretical equations; complex numbers. 2 - B: circles, parabola, mathematics, calculus, differential equations.

Physics: Inter Second year Physics paper is of 60 marks. In question paper there are three long- answer questions. Students must answer two questions. 8 are short- answer questions. In these six must be answered. 10 are very short answer questions of which all must be answered.

Chemistry: Second year chemistry is 60 marks. In question paper there are three long answer questions. They must answer two questions. 8 short- answer questions are given. 6 must be answered. The short answer questions are 10. Students must answer all of them.

Winning formulas:
  • The most important chapter from the perspective of public examinations, high priority should be given to that concept.
  • Read any material time, accuracy is the key. They should be.
  • A specific plan is designed for each subject. To decipher the contents of any day, the day must accordingly. Should not be postponed under any circumstance. It does increase the pressure.
  • Take a note from each chapter of the book to read the most important synopsis.
  • Students must first practice answer in the long, then short answer.
  • Should underline the important aspects while reading textbooks. This helps for quick revision at the end.
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