Physiotherapy Course Details and Various Opportunities in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a platform for various opportunities in the healthcare field. Physiotherapists are working in almost all the parts of medical field. The percentage of candidates is low on the basis of demand. So the demand, for this course has been increased nowadays. The changes that are occurring in the routine life in every medical part, physiotherapy services has become necessary and the awareness about sports, fitness in the people has made physiotherapy field and the number of people selecting this field as a career has been increased. At this situation, let us have a focus on physiotherapy career which can be done only with a qualification of Intermediate.

Full Details on Physiotherapy Course

In our state, physiotherapy related vocational, Bachelor degree, P.G courses are there. Inter level based vocational course qualification is 10th standard. But to start the career as physiotherapist bachelor degree is compulsory. This course is called as B.P.T (Bachelor of physiotherapy) then at P.G level with various specializations M.P.T (Master of Physiotherapy) courses are available.

B.P.T:- To join in B.P.T (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) course qualification. Intermediate (Bipc) or intermediate vocational (Physiotherapy) duration of course (four and half years which includes six months internship). In our country, about 180 colleges are offering BPT courses. Throughout the state about 36 colleges are offering this course. In this 1500 seats are available. There is no entrance test for this; admissions are given based on the Intermediate marks state wise by NTR health university-Vijayawada by conducting counseling. The notification related to it will be released on June/July month of every year.

Salaries:- At present situation, a physiotherapist will get salary from Rs.10000/- to Rs.30000/-. Normally in the private sectors the fresher’s are getting paid Rs.10000/- to Rs.15000/- in the starting per month. In the government sector the attractive offers in salaries are there. In the AIIMS central government institution Rs. 30, 000 there are paying at starting per month. Then based on the post for senior physiotherapist Rs.45000/-, super indent cadre Rs.60k – 70k salary will be paid, when you reach the chief super indent level per month Rs.80, 000 can be earned for those who have selected the teaching profession based on the institute per month not less than Rs.10,000 salary can be earned. Then based on seniority post per month up to Rs.40, 000 can be earned. Many physiotherapists are giving priority only for their own practice. Normally for each sitting approximately Rs.250 to Rs.400 will be charged.

M.P.T – Specializations:-
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology and vascular pulmantory.
NIMS:- In the state along with NTR Health universities NIZAM Institute of medical sciences (NIMS) Hyderabad. Also offering physiotherapy courses.

Details……………Courses:- BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

Who are Eligible? Intermediate (BIPC) or Intermediate Vocational (Physiotherapy)Entry:- Entrance test based. In July notification will be released.

Admissions related will be started on August / November.M.P.T (Master of Physiotherapy)
Qualification:- B.P.T (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

Entry:- Entrance Test based.
In July / August Notification will be released written test will be in August / September. Admission related will be started on September. For more details on :- http//nims.ap.nic.in

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