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Better Courses List on CDAC Computer Courses...
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) belongs to central information technology part and central communications information technology for research and development (R and D). This is created for R & D related works in IT and Electronics Related part.

CDAC Courses

P.G Diploma in Advanced Computing:- This course is created for those who want to become professionals in advanced computing. In advanced computing, Curriculum is prepared by keeping in mind the present needs and also about future wants. This is one among the course which contains C-DAC from first itself. This course is prepared along with industry. Instantly curriculum related to it will be developed. This is a full time course with 24 weeks course fees is Rs.79000/-.

P.G Diploma in Wireless and Mobile Computing:- For those who want to see their future with mobile computing this course is created. There will be ten modules including i.phone and android. Project work will also be there. Course fees is Rs. 79,000/-.

P.G Diploma in VLSI Design:- In this course, there will be seven models. After every module, at the top or at last there will be projects. The aim of this course is to do improvement in verification VLSI designing, using RTL coding, and verification tools. For those candidates who have joined in the area of latest chief designing will get practical training. Course fees is Rs.79, 000/-.

P.G Diploma in Embedded Systems Design:- This course is created for engineers in computers, Electronics, IT. This topic related awareness about hardware, software design is needed for those who are joining this course. Job in this field is like a challenging one. There are special features on wireless technologies and wireless censor network course fees is Rs.69, 000/-.

P.G Diploma in IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security:- In this course the importance is given to human-computer interaction, information systems, cyber security. This course will be helpful to know about network modules there will be project work also. Course fees is Rs.69, 000/-.

P.G Diploma System Software Development:- This course is created to face the challenges talented in software development. Based on the needs of IT field the importance is given to software Design, Implementation practices in this course. This course is for 22 weeks with 9 modules. The related project work is also there. This course will be very useful for those who have Electronics, computer science, engineer in IT or P.G in computer science course fees is Rs.69, 000/-.

P.G Diploma in Automation and SCADA System:- This course will be suitable for those graduates who have completed engineering now. For process Automation and smart systems in utilities career this course will be helpful. The work will be based on SCDA at the same time on Automation related latest technologies. Course fees is Rs.79, 000/-.

P.G Diploma in integrated VLSI and embedded system design:- This course is created to modify students in embedded at the same time VLSI design as a goal. Course fees is Rs.79, 000/-.

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