Beautician Opportunities are Bright for a Beautiful Future

There is a lot of demand for the beauty today. The importance of beauty is said that even the life is compared to that and said as ‘Life is beautiful. From most of the decades ‘Beauty’ has its special importance. Nothing can replace the beauty. Usually when a girl is praised by her beauty, it will say that he is looking like a doll.

If you say about the students of today, they will take so many precautions in maintaining their beauty. Apart from those who have beauty naturally, for those who are average in beauty will do so many things to develop their beauty. So many things to develop their beauty, so the demand for beauticians has been increased. Due to increase in traditions and culture, to have increased unique impressions of others on them, along with the girls, boys are also equally trying to improve their beauty, to become handsome.

How much the demand has been increased when you say is that even in the interview for those who are neat and beautiful are greeting one more marks. At this field, the profit is also getting and a special identification is also got. So the number of persons who are joining various courses in this field has been increased. To get a special identification in the society, for those who have interest in beauty, to give attraction for the beauty can join various courses in this field and can settle as beauticians. Institutions that are offering beautician courses. The following are the more information about on Beautician opportunities.

Beautician Opportunities

Beautician courses in our state, most importantly three institutions are SETWIN institutions that are created under state government, Anoos international beauty school, VLCC and other institutions along with this some private institutions also are offering various different courses.

Courses offered by SETWIN:-
  • Beautician.
  • Advance Beautician
  • Beauticare
Topics on which training is given in beautician courses:-
As a part of the course for threading, waxing, facial, pedicure, manicure and others the training will be given. Those who have completed 10th standard can do this course. Duration of course is 3 months. To do advanced beautician course training topics in this course, candidates should do beautician course first, for those who have completed beautician course training. 

Beauty Care:-
What are the precautions that have to be taken related to beauty? By taking what precautions beauty will get more glory and attraction? And on other topics this course will be taught. Duration of this course is one year.

Courses offered by VLCC (short term):-
  • Grooming.
  • Personal grooming.
  • Certificate course in SPA.
  • Certificate course in body massage therapy.
  • Certificate course in pedicure and manicure.
In this course for certificate course in SPA intermediate should be completed for remaining course 10th standard should be completed.

Long-term courses: - Advanced diploma in cosmetology:-
  • Professional makeup course.
  • Art of makeup.
  • Certificate course in hair designing.
  • Diploma in beauty culture.
  • Diploma in hair designing.
  • Diploma in cosmetology.
  • Certificate course in beauty culture.
Courses offered by ANOOS international school:-
This course is conducted by anoos – JNTU combined. After degree, who have got passed can do this course. Duration of this course is two years.

International Diploma:-
This course can be done in part time, full time method. At regular scheme nine months in the part time method 18 months duration this course should be done other courses.
  • Advanced diploma in cosmetology.
  • Advanced manicure.
  • Skin, hair makes up course.
  • Nail art.
  • Advanced pedicure.
  • Personal grooming.
  • Mahanadi.
  • Indian wedding, spa, aroma therapy.
  • Anoos organic package.
In the same way, some of the polytechnic colleges in our state are offering beautician courses at one year duration.

Job Opportunities:- There is no end for job opportunities in this field, for those who have completed the course, based on the level of the course hair dresses, skin care specialist, makeup artist, cosmetic consultant, beauty adviser, saloon and spa director, nail technician and manicure specialist, aroma therapist, Specialist in beauty industry, Dermatology Assistant, beauty consultant, beauty school instructor and other jobs can be got. Those who don’t want to do jobs can run their own beauty parlor.

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