Ceo Punjab Form 6 New Voter Enrollment Online at www.ceopunjab.nic.in

Punjab State Govt opened a web portal for New Voter Enrollment, Form 6 New Voter Card Online Application, Form 18 available at Chief Electoral Officer’s Ceo Punjab website ceopunjab.nic.in.....
This Ceo Punjab website has been made basically to improve communication between the electors of the Punjab and the Department of Elections in Punjab. The Ceo Punjab website ceopunjab.nic.in gives all the relevant information about the office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the various activities conducted by the department. Various important forms are also available on the site for download purposes.

How to Apply for Ceo Punjab New Voter Card Online

Forms those are available in ceopunjab.nic.in
  • Form 4 - Application for New Registration of Electors at the time of Enumeration (house to house verification) when enumerator finds the house repeatedly locked.
  • Form 6 - Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll after draft publication of draft roll (if your name is not included in the draft roll).
  • Form 7 - Application for objection to inclusion of name in electoral roll.
  • Form 8 - Application for objection to particulars entered in electoral roll.
  • Form 8A - Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll.
  • Form 2 - Inclusion of name as service Elector (for Armed Forces)
  • Form 12 - Letter of Intimation to Returning Officer
  • Form 12 A - Application For Election Duty Certificate
    CEO Punjab website
Forms for Candidate
  • FORM 2A - Nomination paper for Lok Sabha Election
  • FORM 2B - Nomination paper for Legislative Assembly Election
  • FORM 26 - Affidavit regarding Assets,Liabilities and Criminal Cases
  • FORM-A - Communcation with regard to Authorised Persons to intimate names of Candidates
  • FORM-B - Notice as to name of candidate set up by the political party
  • FORM OF OATH OR AFFIRMATION - To be made by a candidate for election to Parliament.
Get all your particulars & polling station details on your mobile by sending following SMS to 919211728082.


IDCARDNO.:-The 10/16 digit number located on upper right side of your voter Identity card.

Apply Ceo Punjab New Voter Enrollment, Form 6 New Voter Enrollment and Form 18 Online Application available at www.ceopunjab.nic.in

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