Preparation Tips on How to get Good Percentage in Engineering Semester Exams (Btech)

Read the Preparation Plan and Guidelines and also we will provide Preparation Tips on How to get Good Percentage in Engineering Exams.....
The Btech 1st year classes are set to begin in the next few days.. Under various limitations, buddies spent 2years in the Intermediate. Engineering Course is the base of a student career. The strategies to be followed by the students in the first year engineering are given below:

Why I joined Engineering? What should the next 4 years be? How i need to plan for this? This way every student must question himself. Be it is higher education or employment goal should be clear. If it is clear that they have a four-year academic course to decipher the process of creating awareness. Everyone must read carefully and also attend the classes regularly. Here we will give brief guide on how to get Huge Percentage in Engineering Semester Examination.  Specializations after Engineering

How to get Good Percentage in Btech Semester Exams

Self- Preparation: Engineering 1st year students must observe the difference b/w engineering courses and intermediate. Inter will be spoon feeding with lecturers notes. What to Read? Which books to refer? Explaining constantly monitored with proper supervision. But engineering is a different atmosphere. Practical knowledge will be given a high priority. Student must change his attitude. Preparation of self (self- learning mode), must be practiced. All of which is to get out from the lecturer. Another feature engineering student must get is challenged the philosophy, critical thinking. From time to time should clear the doubts by the lecturers on the subject or to try to clear up with the help of seniors. Gate Preparation Tips

English and Communication Skills Must: As most of you think, communication skills are not just speaking skills but also include communicating with others so that they easily understand your opinions/ expressions. These skills have become very important in the current industry scenario. Employees need to coordinate with each and every department in the company and so his subjective or technical skills not alone enough. So, develop communication skills while pursuing under graduation, which escalates your career further.

Students should focus on their personality development. Spoken English has to be given special attention. Particularly, students coming from rural areas need to overcome their weakness in spoken or written English without fail by the time they enter the final year. Most of the colleges/ institutions have exclusive English language labs where the students can polish their spoken English. The students must get used to the new methods of learning such as writing assignments, collecting study materials from library or online resources and doing a lot of self study. The students should focus on acquiring other skills such as participating in Group discussions and Team events.

100% Attendance Must: The frequency with which you attend classes affects your performance in that particular course. There are and will be people, who don't attend classes and will try to cover the course at the last moment, but they will always perform worse than those who attend the classes regularly. Even if the lecturer is not that good at teaching, and you may not get hold of everything in the class, attending classes ensure that you aware of what is going on in the course.

Plan from First Day: The students should be very clear about their career goals from first day itself. A selection of correct career, offers lifelong economical and social stability. It helps to adopt high living standards. Having higher aims in life is not sufficient, but it should be accompanied with great determination and hard work. One should be careful in choosing one’s career. They should consider all pro and cons of various available career options. Based on a proper assessment of one’s ability and interest levels, they should make up their mind on right career option. Discussion with teachers, seniors, alumni as well as parents is very important in arriving at a final decision.

Must read for two hours at least per day
Target Distinction: Student must target to get at least 75% in his each semester so that he will be left with lot of opportunities when he is ready for a job after his engineering.

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