Which Engineering Branch has more Demand

Engineering is one field of study that will never go out of demand. With students all across the country trying their best to get into the reputed engineering colleges of the country, the rage for engineering is only increasing and with this there is one thing that all students who are going to appear for their 12th boards this year need to know, Which Engineering Branch has more Demand in this year. I’m here to throw some light on the same.

Which Branch is Best for Engineering Education (Btech)

As you know there are many engineering branches and the main ones are as follows:
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering etc
There are many more branches but these are the most common ones. It is difficult to say which would be the best engineering branch in the year 2012, but let’s try to get to the bottom of it.
Which Engineering Branch has more Demand
Electronics:This branch of engineering has been very popular in the past and thus getting the branch in any college was a touch task, but with time the popularity of this branch has decreased as the need for these engineers in the market has decreased.

Computer Science:This branch of engineering too was in high demand in the past few years but it has gone down and it is definitely not the best branch to opt for in 2012. The branch will surely find many takers and the future prospects are also quite good, but not good enough to make it the best engineering branch in the year 2012.

Biotechnology engineering:This is sure to be a hot engineering branch this year and there are reasons galore for the same. This branch of engineering deals with biology as well as engineering. It focuses on how the two of these fields of study can be brought together to make life easier for man. This branch of study is difficult to get into and there are very few colleges that are offering this course presently. Production of bio products using engineering and technology is one of the main subjects of this branch and since it is a mixture of two disciplines of study, this branch of study is becoming increasingly famous.

Also, the future prospect of this field of study is great as there is a global demand for engineers who have done biotechnology. So, you have a chance to get placed abroad in case you complete your graduation in this field of study.

The Biotechnology engineering stream is sure to get you a job soon after the completion of your graduation and if you are looking for further studies then too you will not have a problem doing a post graduation in the same and the chances of doing this overseas are much higher.

This in my view is the engineering branch in demand in 2012 and opting for this branch will be a wise option for your career and future. The jobs that you get after the completion of the course are highly paying ones and thus there is hardly any negative points seen with respect to the course.

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