How to get good marks in Inter First year MPC Final Exams

Preparation Plan for How to Score huge marks IPE 1st year Final Examination....
Intermediate plays direct role in the future life of the student's career. Inter preparation should have long-term strategies to achieve the highest scores.

How to get good marks in Inter First year MPC ?Mathematics: In MPC there are three subjects which are most important. Mathematics is the subject which can be scored full. Many private colleges will complete the entire syllabus by the end of October. Telugu Academy textbook problems need to be practiced. As well as the principles of each chapter, learn the basic concepts clearly. Practice writing answers to long- answer questions. Study Routes of After Intermediate

Physics: MPC Physics contains Work - Power energy, Kinetic theory of gases, ideal gas equations, conservation of energy, and answer questions from the perspective of the most important in the long run. Vectors (2 hours), kinematics (8 hours), SHM(4 hours), Rotary Motion(6 hours), gas, solid, liquid expansions (12 hours), kinetic gas theory (6 hours).

Chemistry: Long questions will come from the topics like topics like Chemical bonding, atomic structure, periodic table, and organic chemistry. Therefore, read these four chapters read.
A large number of short- answer questions in the chemistry subject comes from the Telugu Academy chemistry textbook.

Concept + Application Orientation Approach:
MPC group is most important in terms of both public exam and competitive exams. The subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry are the most important from the perspective of competitive exams. To succeed in EAMCET and Advanced JEEit is not sufficient to just write those exams well but one must also read well the Inter- subjects. In EAMCET Inter marks the weightage is 25 percent and 40 per cent of the weightage in JEE Mains.In this context one must score very good marks from the first year exams itself. To get those marks it is not sufficient if the student reads casually. Maths, Physics, Chemistry important concepts (concepts), the learning, application orientation (applied method ) if the highest marks in the study can accomplish .

Preparation Tips to get good marks in Inter 1st year MPC Final Exams

  • The most important concept should be given a high priority.
  • Lecture notes in relation to each major concept, material, and other items should be studied well.
  • Read any material but time and accuracy rule must be followed.
  • Read tips to use shortcuts.
  • Each subject must be studied with proper plan and must note down all the contents read on each day, and read the same day. Should not be postponed under any circumstances. If this happens there will be pressure in reading all those at the same time.
  • Similarly, in respect of each chapter is well crafted and read the important synopsis.
  • The problems in each of the concept need to be fixed with the help of the relevant principles.
  • Distribute the available time properly and utilize it well.
  • Underline the key components of reading the textbook. When you look up at the end of this quick revision was necessary.
  • When teacher is teaching write the highlights of the text in the form of notes.
  • Being over confident is very dangerous and should not feel that know everything. Most of the time as possible should be revised.
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  1. syedasameera28/05/2016, 03:03

    Assalamualikum iam so weak in chemistry sunday is my xam i dont now the properly portion also pls teel me how to learn only i want just passing mrks

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  3. my name is shashidhar am poor in physics but Iwant to
    get good marks in physics I will try hard to get good marks

  4. My name is Vinay kumar Iam poor in maths but I am take mpc what will I do to get good score in maths please replay with a gd suggestion thanku

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