How to Check Telagnana vehicle pending echallan status Online htp.gov.in and echallan.org

How to check Hyderabad vehicle Traffic pending e-challan status Online and Telangana Vehicle Pending eChallan Status at htp.gov.in and echallan.org....
Here is the very good news for Hyderabad’ies that often drives in the twin cities. Surprisingly you can see traffic cops at junctions scribbling some stuff on paper. And at times you don’t bother if you even cross the signal or some mistake you perform. sometimes even your boss or college professor might pardon you but that particular cop will not do that and straight away makes a note of your registration number on the number plate if you violate traffic rules and within a few days suddenly post man comes up with penalty letter. Eventually you must pay it and the database stores all the information regarding your violation of traffic rules at certain times. How to Opening SBI New Account through Online

I would like to present you the list of certain rules which when violated you must shed your bank balance. Riding without helmet, driving license, insurance and PUC certificate. Careless in using seat belt especially for car drivers. Predominantly usage of fancy number plate and over speed. Often you park your vehicle at no parking area, which hurts a lot. Some folks do some crazy stunts like triple riding and it is a serious concern. Basically challan can be defined as a non contact enforcement system to limit violations. The main theme behind the concept is to implement stricter traffic discipline among the traffic commuters. How to Earn money by using SBI Debit Card
HTP EChallan Vehicle Pending Status
There are 2 types of challans, one with surveillance cameras and other with digital cameras. The first one process with automatically without any human interference which captures photos of vehicles and stores the database and the digital cameras are operated by traffic police for taking snapshots of the number plate of any traffic violator. So finally you have been caught to traffic police and he has noted your registration number of your vehicle. Consequently that will be sent to head office and gets entered in data base, in return that is processed and penalty letter will be sent to the address of the violator.

Whoever drives your vehicle when you have been caught doesn’t matters but ultimately the owner of the vehicle must abide the penalty. Hopefully technology has its influence in almost every aspect of life so you can determine the date and time as well as the person who was driving your vehicle at that moment of caught. So Hyderabad traffic police had set up an online check up facility to discover all the related stuff behind the offense. How to Know SBI Insurance Policy Status

So to get all the details on Hyderabad Traffic Police Pending e-challan status or know your vehicle pending echallan status simply visit the following website or link. http://www.echallan.org/publicview/ and the official website htp.gov.in.

In the above website or link provides to check the vehicle traffic pending e-challan status online and also check traffic police echallan status online in Hyderabad at htp.gov.in website. All that you need to do is to enter your Vehicle registration number and you are provided with all the stuff that is any case has been filed against you vehicle and you can see your name as well. And you finally found your name for such any kind of offense, you must pay the fine for which you will be received a penalty letter and you can make it through e-seva. If you are a internet freak you can also pay it online at APOnline website.

Know your Hyderabad Traffic Police (HTP) Telangana vehicle pending echallan status Online checking at htp.gov.in or www.echallan.org/publicview/

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