Ceo Haryana New Voter Enrollment Registration ceoharyana.nic.in

Chief Electoral Officer’s Ceo Haryana website ceoharyana.nic.in or electharyana.nic.in.... 
The Ceo Haryana website ceoharyana.nic.in has been developed basically to enhance the communication between the electors of Haryana and the department of elections in Haryana.

Ceoharyana.nic.in provides all the adequate and relevant information about the office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the various activities conducted by the department. Various important forms like Elector's Forms, Candidate's Forms, Service Elector's Forms are also available on the Ceo Haryana website ceoharyana.nic.in for download purposes.

Ceo Haryana New Voter Enrollment Registration

The election department of Haryana had introduced webcasting of the poll process in recent elections. With this novel initiative one can view live polling by clicking on the link ‘webcasting of polling stations’ on Chief Election Officer Ceo Haryana website www.ceoharyana.nic.in.
CEO Haryana Official Website
Another initiative is ‘e-Dashboard’ through which one can have voting information of all the 10 parliamentary constituencies in Haryana. To view the dashboard, visit the website ceoharyana.nic.in or electharyana.nic.in and then click on the link ‘Voting Information’.

Grievance Redressal mechanisms available
If you have any grievance in regard to electoral roll, Electors Photo Identity Card or any other election related matter you may approach following Officers:-
  • Chief Electoral Officer---------------- At the State Level
  • District Election Officer---------------At the District Level
  • Returning Officer-----------------------At the Constituency Level
  • Assistant Returning Officer-----------At Taluka / Tahsil Level
  • Electoral Registration Officer---------- At the Constituency Level
  • Presiding Officer-----------------------At Polling Station
  • Zonal Officer ------------------------For a group of Polling stations
During every election, the Commission appoints Observers who are senior civil service officers from outside the state. If you have any grievances or problems, you should approach them.

Apply Form 6, Form 7, Form 8a Ceo Haryana New Voter Registration at ceoharyana.nic.in or electharyana.nic.in

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