How to Create IRCTC New Account Login Registration at irctc.co.in

Here is the Simple Guidelines for How to Create IRCTC New Account, IRCTC Login Registration at irctc.co.in ....
Indian railway catering and tourism corporation Acronym of IRCTC, Part of Indian railways, which is giving catering, Tourism and online ticketing services to the Passengers. By using IRCTC website passengers can book the Train tickets any train (having reservation facility) in India. Passengers can also check their status of the ticket known as PNR Status through IRCTC website. Not only the General train booking IRCTC provides booking for Tourist trains Booking facility through their website. As a part of Indian railways many people will book tickets from this website. Also we can book Season tickets for Mumbai Suburban trains. How to Book Train Ticket at IRCTC Online

Recently IRCTC Spend So much of money for improving their service at Tatkal Hours (10.00 IST), they upgraded their website for Tatkal tickets. Not only for tickets IRCTC handles Online booking for hotels in several places. IRCTC introduces Paper free ticketing to reduce the usage of paper, people doesn`t require to Print the ticket in Traveling they can show their SMS send by IRCTC with ID Proof Prescribed by Indian Railways. IRCTC has the services of online flight bookings, recently IRCTC Launches new shopping Website recently Indian railways Introduces SMS based Ticket booking. IRCTC has Mobile Applications to book their tickets in several platforms. How to Book a TATKAL Ticket in IRCTC

Creating Procedure for IRCTC New Login Account at irctc.co.in

For Booking the ticket in IRCTC the person needs to get an IRCTC Latest Register Account, these simple steps leads you How to Create IRCTC New Account . Here are the simple steps for How to Signup for IRCTC New Account. Just follow the below steps...
  • Creating an user ID, It is Mandatory thing to do it should be new than any other in IRCTC, If it is using by any others automatically it will indicate to create a new one.
  • Second Step is about you Password verification In case if you forgot your password, so there will be some questions that you have to answer (Link Favorite Pastime / Child hood Hero etc.), Your Answer is Mandatory and you have to remember for future in case if you forgot your password.
  • Next Series of Steps are Mandatory fields link First Name, Last Name, Date of birth, Occupation, Aadhaar card Number (Not Mandatory), E-mail address, Mobile Number, Gender and Nationality.
  • After filling the details it moves to second phase of address you have to give Your Permanent address as mandatory thing. It will ask you to copy the address for address of the office you have to choose Yes/No.
  • Last step is to Other services it will ask you to Choose sending News letters to you E-mail address/ SMS. If you need you can give YES or else you can give it as NO, Generally IRCTC will send only two Mails/Messages in a month.
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  1. Hi

    I got verification code in mobile after registering in irctc but didn’t get mail what should I do?

  2. I have open account in irctc I am not getting otp in my email address as I have got my otp in mobile through sms kindly suggest me hw I get OTP in email

  3. p.naga sukanya23/02/2016, 18:00

    lot of times i try to open new account self. But i have no reply like verification code or OTP. please suggest how i get new password to book my tickets self.


  4. I got verifion cond in mobile aftar registeing in irctc but didn`t get mail what should i do

  5. Sir....I fill correct registration form but when i submission ,the form open again with new captcha code.why my form submit.....plzzz help me

  6. Sir….I fill correct registration form but when i submission ,the form open again with new captcha code.why my form submit…..plzzz help me

  7. Sir,I am forget password. I did't get otp in my registered mobile through sms plz help me