Preparation Tips to get Good Marks in AP Inter Final Public Exams

How to Prepare AP Inter Final Exams?
Friends there are so many queries on Intermediate final Exams. How to get Good Marks in Inter Final Exams? this is a big doubt of a Inter student. Here is the solution for Basic Tips to get Good Band in Inter Final Exams. Now a days competition is getting up. It is not easy to get up in the competitive world unless you work hard. Mainly in Intermediate students have to secure knowledge of the subject. That can be used in the later stages for career growth beyond the knowledge spirits. Mainly in Intermediate subjects will be change according to the candidate choice. Most of the students has choosing the MPC as their group in Intermediate. What ever the group each and every one should have to carry languages with them. In this also students may choose one of their language by their choice. In the options Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit will be chosen by the students. Most of the students was selecting the Sanskrit as the one of the languages to get maximum marks. It is better Option for them. English is the must and should for the students. Friends the following are those helpful tips to get Good Bank in Inter Exams.

Preparation Plan to get More Marks in AP Intermediate Public Exams

  • In the Intermediate first year i.e Junior Inter students must give the importance to their group subjects. That would be continued by the second year also.
  • In the Inter 1st year language will make the different to get score . If you work hard easy to get good marks in the language too.
  • Students must give importance to learn the concept in the subjects. Mostly this could be rejected in the next year also.
  • In Inter 2nd Year additional practical going to add with your subjects.
  • It’s a better opportunity to get the practical knowledge of the subject that could be effect students education pattern for easy to learn and easy to remember.
  • Repeated practice will give more marks in the labs too. That could be helpful for the students main percentage for their career.
Mostly students are truing to bi-hot the subject that could be wasted of time. Mainly in +2 if you follow this pattern that could be effect for the educational career of the students. Its better to get the knowledge of the subject for the future career prospects.

Friends if you have any queries on Basic Tips to get Good Band in Inter Final Exams Article. Please leave a comment or opinion in the comment box. All the Best...


  1. hello
    my name is Amman i am studying inter 1 st year mpc group in a private collage i am ready to work hard for exams can you please suggest any time table for preparation and i am not that good in sanskrit subject

  2. how to get more marks in english though we get 60/60 in grammer?

  3. Dear student Study everything minutely and heed attention on ideams used in sentences and all those concepts which are not focused while repeating

  4. rohit rayaprolu13/07/2015, 23:57

    iam studying inter 1 year MEC group in a private college
    i am not able to cope up with my maths and i am getting tensed at the time of math exam how to get rid of my math difficulty???

  5. amrutha sree leela19/07/2015, 22:16

    even i want a tym table to follow..i m nt able to understand which subjects to read ...hw much tym must be taken for each sub..i want to top in intermediate first n 2nd .....i hope i wil get reply soon

  6. hi Ravi....i am studying 1st yr. i have grip in english...so i am guiding u...please take out from your mind that english is easy in grammer but not in q/ans...try to understand the lesson...it will be easy..dont chat with friends while class is going on,,..take it in positive way,,,bye ...reply me fast...

  7. Manmohan raj04/09/2015, 04:15

    hi,im student of first year i have choosen mec with cpt subject i want to score high marks in first and second year too .im an avarage student with the score of 70percent in tenth class .Can u help me .I want to to get higher marks not only in ipe but also in cpt as well.Plz hely me

  8. Hai frnds my name is khalid and i am studying inter 1st year mpc in a private collage friends i had suffered from a deingerous desease and i recovered now a days so iam soo feared that how can i read the pending lessons soo frnds plzz give m your suggestion and time table to follow.....bye friendsssss....

  9. kalyan raj pedapati29/10/2015, 15:32

    read what u want and read until u get it think this is last i read it no more other reading on it then u will get perpectly and revision to revise all ok frnd

  10. skmasthan vali03/11/2015, 23:41

    hi.... iam studying MEC first year iam fear about maths only my quatrly marks are as given
    Sanskrit:- 95
    mathematics 1(A) :- 12
    mathematics 1(B):-17
    plz give me a solution for my problems

  11. i am duller in grammar in both languages i.e. sanskrit and english.please suggest any tips

  12. vadugu shivaramakrishna20/11/2015, 23:05

    iam shivaramakrishna iam inter 1st year mpc I want excellent time table to get 400 marks in inter

  13. Hii I am soumyasri I am studying inter 2nd year I was lacking interest in studies how to concentrate on studies and how to score complete marks in final exams plz suggest me I am ready to work hard

  14. Hi ,my name is v.mohith Kumar I am studying mec first year .
    My question is
    How to in increase our writing speed in economics sub

  15. hiiiiii,My name is kiran i am studying 2nd year intermedieat
    suggest me some tips to get good marks

  16. i need a time table for only my groups maths 2A and 2B physics chemistry.pls tell me as soon asa possible my board exams for intermediate 2nd year is from march 3rd 2016 thank yuh..:) and iam much week in both of the maths..

  17. hi.my name is pavan.iam studing 1st year mpc.i am very poor in english grammar. please give me a suggestion to get rid of this subject.i thing i can see ur reply soon

  18. I m rishii i dnt know anything still in sanskrit
    I cant do 1 b properly
    Accounts i dont knw anythng bt there is no time
    will any1 suggest me score gud

  19. I am revanth . I am studying inter first year .in one month, i have exams. could u please tell me the way to get more marks in english(at least above 95 )

  20. Ranjith kumar02/02/2016, 00:46

    hai, iam ranjith I have only one month time plzz how to pass inter second year 2a,2b,&chemystri. plz tell me.

  21. radhakrishna04/02/2016, 14:36

    hai am radhakrishna, i have only one month to prepare my 2nd year examinations.. am redy to hard work., pls sugest me tips to good marks ..

  22. hi this is hasini of 2nd yr mpc ,
    pls sugest me a timetable to prepare ipe sylabus in 15 days

  23. iam 2nd year student ihave 359 marks in 1st year i didnt prepared any thing for examinations....tell me how to get only pass marks in 2nd year plz plz plz

  24. you know about ur strength and weaknesses so plan according to ur self ,no one can plan your day more nicely and pricisely then u

  25. I want to score good marks in maths 1A&1B can u suggest me solution friends of MRC 1st year

  26. Komali Priya26/04/2016, 20:26

    I got 94 marks in 1st year English with 60 in grammar.I am going to write betterment.What shall I do to get the top marks(98)?

  27. Suggest me preparation tips how to pass intet 2nd year maths b

  28. plz suggest me some important tips to get good marks in chemistry under betterment

  29. i was apply in education department under the rule of 17A
    and also i got first position in the test
    butt now department policy is required inter butt i have a matric certificate pls give me tips for improve inter early.......
    if any person want give tips for inter then pls contact on my cell

  30. I completed first year(MPC) with good score and I want good score(ABOVE 460) in competitive exams after second year for exams like MAINS,EAMCET, suggest me. if you were owned a good rank in competitive exams.

  31. I'm prasanna.studying 2year bi.p.c . How to get sheet in neet&emact
    How can I get. Good marks in ipe.
    Nynu chala hard work chistanu but I'm fearing about me only
    Please help me in it