Deo Medak Website info at www.deomedak.in

District Education Office Deo Medak official websites www.deomedak.in and www.medakdeo.com has the information of the education information of the Medak District. This website has been inaugurated for the development progress in information transfer for the local schools and maintaining the educational departments under one common department of the Medak District. Recently updated information and the total educational departments information is available on this site.

All Provisional Seniority List for this details are available in Deo Medak website. For the Details of School Assistants to Head Master of School please go through the www.deomedak.in and www.medakdeo.com websites. GT and SGT regulation procedure and other details information is also available on the above website. For the latest promotions seniority and vacancy details had been updated on this website. These promotion seniority list as available at Deo Medak Website.

Actually the Dsc Provisional List, Dsc Merit List and Dsc Final List will be also available at Deo Medak websites there are www.deomedak.in and www.medakdeo.com. Latest Updates of the educational meetings also updated on this website. Here is the last educational department meetings conducted in Medak District. Medak and Siddhipet Divisions at DRC building, Medak and Sangareddy and Jogipet divisions at 0/0 Deo Sangareddy. For more further information send your queries to rmsamedak@gmail.com.

Deo Medak Website information available at www.deomedak.in and www.medakdeo.com

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