Apsrtc Travel Cards Online CAT, Vanitha, Student Pass

APSRTC Travel Cards i.e CAT Card, Vanitha Card, Couple Gift Card, Jubilee Hi-tech Card, Internal Jubilee Hitech Card, Silver Ticket, Season Pass and Student Pass Details....
For a Safety Happy and Enjoyable Journey. Every Passenger must opt for APSRTC in the state. APSRTC offering many discount cards or APSRTC Travel Cards and gift cards student passes like seven category cards are useful in different Bus services from Telugu Velugu to Garuda Plus. Now Our AP Government has increased the cost of travelling ticket. By using the travel card everyone can get low cost of ticket The following are APSRTC Cards for Passengers:

How to Apply for Apsrtc Travel Cards like Student Pass CAT Vanitha

APSRTC Travel cards Apply Online
CAT Card: CAT means Conventional Manual Travel Card. Each cat card holder get 10% discount on his ticket fare. The cost of CAT card for first year Rs.200/-, Second Year Rs.180/-, Third Year Rs.160/-, Fourth Year Rs.140/- are can buy for a three years term by paying Rs.450/- only. After in 4th Year by paying Rs.200/- five family member can use this cat card and there is a facility of 1.5 Lakh insurance coverage for the cat card holder. How to get card? Submit to two passport size photos of the any APSRTC depots.

Vanitha Card: The white Ration card holders total family can benefit with this Vanitha card by paying just Rs.100/- only. The concession of 10% in only Telugu Velugu, Express Services only for a period of two years. APSRTC giving commission per each card registration by any self help institutions, ration shop dealers etc.

Silver Ticket / Season Pass: This is useful for employees and Business man who regularly journey in the buses. For a month passenger has to pay for just 20 days Rs.880/- only and get 10 days free journey.

Couple Gift Card: A wife and husband or any two persons can buy this card by paying Rs.1700/- for a period of 96 hours only. The Passenger can journey whenever he wants in the APSRTC bus services.

Jubilee Hi-tech Card: This card holder can journey for a week within the state by paying Rs.1160/-, children Rs.575/- only.

Internal-Jubilee Hi-tech Ticket: Through this card passenger can journey through out the country where the APSRTC services has by paying just Rs.1850/- for seven days validity.

Student Pass: The students of government recognized schools and colleges students can get this pass. By paying just one third fare for a period of one month. For 10th  below study girls students can travel at free of cost and boys below 12 years also travel at free of cost.

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