Deo Warangal websites apowgl.com & deowgl.blogspot.com

Warangal District Educational Office official website gives you full Fledged data about Deo Warangal District Educational information. All the department which comes under the education. Those educational department details will be available on the Deo Warangal District educational official website i.e deowgl.blogspot.com from the basic information to latest Dsc Recruitment information of the Warangal district is uploaded on this blog for the official and required candidates purpose too. The following are the Deo Warangal District Subject Wise Seniority Lists for Transfers are available the above mentioned blog.
  • Drawing Telugu medium List
  • Language Pandit Hindi list
  • Language Pandit Telugu List
  • Language Pandit Urdu List
  • Music Telugu Medium List
  • Pet Telugu Medium List
  • SA Bio-Science Telugu Medium List
  • SA Bio-Science Urdu Medium List
  • SA English - English Medium List
  • SA English - Telugu Medium List
  • SA Hindi - Telugu Medium list
  • SA Maths - English Medium List
  • SA Maths - Telugu Medium List
  • SA Physical Education Telugu Medium List
  • SA Physical Science Telugu Medium List
  • SA Social - Telugu Medium List
  • SA Social - Urdu Medium List
  • SA Telugu - Telugu Medium List
  • SA Telugu - Urdu Medium List
  • SGT English List
  • SGT Telugu Medium List
  • SGT Urdu Medium List
Verification of Certificates of the Dsc qualified candidates from the Warangal district is uploaded on the above mentioned blog. TET marks sheet is available on that blog. Candidates from Warangal district who appeared for the Tet they can get their marks sheet from this blog. SS certificate details of the SSC certificates and the latest schedule information is on this blog.

Caste Certificate details of the Warangal District people can obtain from this link. This link is available on the Deo Warangal blog. Study Certificates from 4th Class to 10th class is available all the schools i.e Government and Private Schools from the Warangal District cab be obtain from this link. Intermediate certificates, degree certificates and post graduate certificate details is on the Warangal district educational office website.
  • Deo Warangal Website Details at apowgl.com and deowgl.blogspot.com

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